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Client Savant
John Bardawill

As a Consultant at TMG International, I help clients translate marketing, customer experience and change initiatives into meaningful actions across the organization to drive results. I have also worked extensively with call center operations around the world to provide highly focused solutions that drive revenues and profits.

My job is to help my clients succeed by:

* Developing strategic plans and helping to implement them at the operational level
* Discovering customer pain points and building strategies to alleviate them
* Translating change initiatives from the boardroom down to the frontlines
* Helping companies turn call centres into profit centres

I have over 25 years of international marketing and management experience. Prior to founding TMG International in 1998, I held numerous executive and senior management positions in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Specialties: business and marketing strategy, marketing and sales planning and execution, customer experience management, customer journey mapping, contact center strategy and development, product launches, operations, retail management, and change management

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