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Agency Savant
James Chalmers


Group President & CEO, TACK10 Strategy

Described as a growth agent, James is a modern day game changer known for delivering 10x performance across business, marketing and sales KPIs. As a sought after strategist; James believes and has demonstrated time and again that it is not about growing successful businesses anymore, true success is attained when you challenge and impact an industry as a whole.

James is a results driven executive with broad spectrum international experience in Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Management. His exceptional communication style fosters environments where open dialogue flourishes. With a dynamic and inspirational leadership style, James allows individual contributors the space to succeed while having the insight to know when to step in with direct support. He has held roles at an executive level with National, North American and International mandates and his visionary leadership has enabled both the companies he has led and his business partners to identify and capitalize on opportunities that have delivered dramatic and sustained growth.

Having started his career as the General Manager of Diversified Power, a small service and distribution center, James quickly identified the opportunity to develop industry partnerships with similar firms. This resulted in him leading a cooperative of 32 locations delivering over $45 million in service sales. As a direct outcome of his success in that role, the ownership group appointed him as National Sales Manager and Director of Business Development for their flagship business, HSI – The Source. There, James oversaw a complete restructuring of the sales model and secured agreements with vendors that resulted in sales revenues over $268 million annually.

In 2014 James joined the team at MAKO Design + Invent as the Vice President, Sales and Marketing. Over his tenure with MAKO he secured their position as the largest product design and engineering firm in Canada and has overseen the company’s expansion into the US, the UK as well as a growing presence in Asia. In 2016 James was promoted to company President, responsible for their global operations, sales and marketing.

2017 saw a new chapter begin as he took over the reins at TACK10 Strategy as Group President & CEO. In this capacity he oversees the senior teams responsible for brand and property clients across Canada and an emerging opportunities portfolio.

He has had the distinct pleasure of being a mentor at Ryerson University, 10K Coffees and naturally AMA’s Mentor Exchange which he is takes great pride in. James is also the Founder of 100 Mile House, a group that brings together thought leaders and visionaries with expertise in business and marketing to challenge the status quo.


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