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Bob Froese​

I build powerful brand and communication strategies for B2C and B2B brands ranging from Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Bosch, Coors Brewing Company and Canon to ADP and Iron Mountain.

Recognizing the extraordinary transparency of today’s marketing environment, I restructured the advertising agency I co-founded, developing a Game Changing Playbook to help brands make extraordinary gains through more effective branding.

We use this Playbook to bring a more holistic and realistic process to creating extraordinary brands through a five-step process that encompasses Purpose, Culture, Leadership, Bravery and Evangelism.

This process recognizes that successful brands must be built from the inside out and must engage the entire organization before engaging the consumer. It brings together previously disparate disciplines to build a brand whose power is ultimately carried and celebrated by the consumers it serves.

My team often works with mid-market companies to create brand value, increasing the purchase price of the business ahead of a private equity divestment; or post-acquisition of related businesses that need to be brought together.

I’ve worked with many category-disrupting companies such as Gardein (vegetable protein), Hipmunk (travel search), ZeroChaos (temporary staffing) and OneCallCare (workman’s compensation) to position their brands for faster and deeper market penetration.

I was fortunate early in my career to lead the strategy for one of the world’s most effective anti-smoking campaigns – this work is cited in Social Marketing textbooks and led to my participation as an expert legal witness in a branding/advertising suit against the tobacco industry by the Federal Government and to my appointment as special advisor to the Health Minister’s Committee on Tobacco Cessation. I was also engaged as a consultant to “reverse engineer” tobacco industry marketing strategies.

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